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From dating to premarital to marriage counseling, Trahan Counseling, based in Houston, Texas, is an affordable and research based counseling option for young adults that can help you in any stage of your relationship development. We use the latest research, technology and coaching to provide you with new strategies for how to have a fulfilling and satisfying intimate relationship.

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  • A Response to Jed Diamond, PhD about Marriage Counseling

    On Monday, February 23rd, I noticed an article entitled "Why Marriage Counseling Leads to Divorce" written by Jed Diamond, PhD on the Good Men Project website.  As my trade includes dating, premarital and marriage counseling, I was intrigued.  I first began by assessing the author, Jed Diamond, PhD, who states that he has 40 years of experience with marriage therapy and holds a masters in social work with a doctorate in international health.

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Video Counseling

At Trahan Counseling, we often work with individuals and couples via I Chat and Skype.  Due to the sensitive nature of counseling, we are thoughtful about situations in which video counseling may not be appropriate.  Video counseling can be a helpful tool for meeting with your therapist long distance.  Learn more about our video counseling program.

Our Approach

Our practice is based on 30 years of relationship research. We utilize training from The Gottman Institute, to provide the most effective research based therapy. Although we recommend face-to-face Houston based marriage therapy, we can also provide video counseling and phone counseling, especially in our follow-up phase.

We provide premarital counseling assessment, and can provide you with a list of strengths and challenges to your relationship. This will prepare you for your future together.

And if you are dating, and want direction or assistance, we can help. Utilizing experts in the field of dating such as Neil Clark Warren, PhD, we will prepare you for a successful dating experience.

Our Approach…..Comprehensive, Effective, and Affordable.

Mark Trahan, LCSW

Relationship Education

Purpose: To provide research-based information and facilitate exercises and process discussion related to intimate partnership for individuals and couples in a small group setting. Learn more

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